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argentine sweet love - gagoguain - Love United [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Love United: the stop for football slash post wc!

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argentine sweet love - gagoguain [Feb. 2nd, 2007|12:38 am]
Love United: the stop for football slash post wc!


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i've recently notice some really sweet thing going on in the latest real madrid addition! though one came from boca juniors and another from archrivals river plate, but their move to spain seems to have change things a little =D

from realmadrid.com

gago says, "“I adapted to the team pretty quickly because my teammates made me feel comfortable from minute one. Higuaín and I weren't friends. We knew each other but nothing more. But now we spend a lot of time together and we know how one another play. We're trying to improve as fast as possible in order to help our teammates. I can bring a lot of hard work to the table and I hope to do the best possible, but easy. This is a great team and I'm not anyone's savior.” 

so they began from staying close to each other always as they travel,

to hugs after a good match, look how happy higuain is!

and how smitten gago is...


and you know what? ruud knows... (look at that cheeky face of his)

and ramos pouts, jealous that his fellow nice hair buddy gago prefers higuain

gago really has some kind of pretty face